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Tax Exemption

Tax Exemption

 Below are the current tax exemption criteria for the Hilton Minneapolis.  Please feel free to contact the finance department if you should have any questions. 


Travel Cards- VISA, prefix 4486 or 4614; and MasterCard, prefix 5568 or 5565, are usually used for lodging, meals, and car rentals. The sixth digit of these cards determines whether or not to charge sales tax.

       *If the sixth digit is 1, 2, 3, or 4, purchases made with these cards are billed directly to the federal employee, who is reimbursed by the federal government. Purchases made using these cards are taxable

       *If the sixth digit is 0, 6, 7, 8, or 9, purchases using these cards are billed directly to and paid for by the federal government. Purchases made using these cards are not taxable.

Check payment- A guest will be exempt from taxes if there is a check received directly by the Federal Government (out of Washington DC)




If a guest is paying by CC and has one of the above Federal Exempt cards, tax exemption may be applied

If guest is not paying by one of the above mentioned Federal cards they are not exempt. If a guest continues to dispute the exemption, because of the minimal charge, the taxes may be adjusted at the hotels/departments expense.


Please note that there are special Government identification cards that do allow tax exemption (not based on the form of payments shown above). These ID’s will state whether the guest is exempt from lodging and/or meals



The only way to get exemption for a banquet function is if there is proof of resale such as a charitable event where donations (per plate or table charge) are being collected. A ST-3 tax form must be filled out and proof of resale (such as the invite) must be provided to Finance for the tax adjustment.

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